Our History


We have highly qualified staff giving an exquisite taste to our products. In addition to our faithful tradition of making the best bread, in our store you will find a variety of snacks to taste. We are pleased to offer you a piece of Devender that goes straight to your palate.

At Pieros Bakery, we are committed to creating delicious treats and baked goods for the great community of Denver, CO. Here in our bakery, we bake fresh things every day. From our freshly baked bread to cakes for your events.

Our promise

  • Fresh ingredients.
  • Sugar artists.
  • The most ridiculously delicious and personalized cakes.

If you are a dessert lover, you are in a good place

We work all the time with our clients and together we can create beautiful and amazing things that surely provide positive results and complete satisfaction.

What makes Pieros Bakery unique is that each product is designed with the traditional methods that were common to commerce before the modernization of factories and department stores. Beat your eggs and beat your butter and sugar following recipes that are eternal and unforgettable. We offer a complete line of cakes, cookies and desserts, all made with the best ingredients available.

  • Each cake design is custom made for you. Prices vary according to the size of the cake and the detail of the decorative work. We are happy to give you a budget. Call us or send an email to schedule an appointment.